Forensic Audit

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Forensic audit is required to assess the financial records in order to reveal an embezzlement or fraudulent activity and illegal funds movement that involves terror financing or money laundering.

Forensic audit report present evidences that are useful in winning a lawsuit.

When a company needs Forensic Audit Service

Company usually requires forensic auditor when it is challenged with below mentioned situations:

  • Emergence or doubt of a fraud or robbery.
  • Significant unusual fund movement is Identified.
  • Dummy accounts are observed in accounting records.
  • Unauthorised customers, suppliers or employees are identified.
  • Unexpected financial pattern is identified without proper justification.
  • Identification of instances that shows that the financial information is fabricated or window dressed.
  • Accounting records are modified by employees without management approvals for budget approvals, performance appraisals, proposal evaluation, financing, tax filing etc.
  • Employees misrepresent the documents to conceal false invoicing, inventory/cash/assets theft, payments made to unauthorised suppliers or employees.
  • Collision among employees to misappropriate company’s assets by misuse of their responsibilities/authorities.

How we stand out as Forensic Auditor

Forensic Audit requires a team with relevant probing and investigative skills & expertise to achieve the objectives of our clients. Giving regard to this key skillset requirement, we have developed an experienced team of forensic auditors which can easily comprehend complex requirements of our clients to jot down a detailed plan that can timely achieve the multifaceted objectives of a Forensic Audit engagement.

Our forensic audit report is based on facts and figures that translate deeply evaluated observations of our forensic auditors into meaningful insights which serves the objectives of Forensic Audit to trace, identify, analyse and quantify losses, misconducts and irregularities.

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