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Feasibility Studies

A feasibility study is a preliminary stage project assessment to determine its viability. It involves market analysis, financial and technical ascertainment of the project. Feasibility study assist investors to evaluate cash flow generation to ensure stability of a new business or expansion in an existing business.

We understand that each phase (Market, Financial and Technical Phases) of a feasibility study necessitate the use of a special skill-set to timely and effectively complete studies from all aspects of the market, financial and technical domains; hence, we have developed a team of experts who can deal with each phase based on their relevant experience and skill-set.

In our feasibility reports we present the analysis of expected financial and operational outcomes of a project based on our realistic assumptions and detailed assessments.

Financial Due Diligence

Due diligence implies the investment appraisal through assessment of key risks in a business of potential investee and the contributory factors that derive cash flows and profits. Investee can be a complete business or a segment, identifiable organised part of a business, an asset or group of assets, shares in the business, which is termed as shares, business or assets mergers and acquisition.

We understand that the due diligence studies requires a consortium of professionals with relevant experience and technical knowledge in financial analysis, market studies, technical analysis and governance skills; therefore, we have developed a multi-disciplinary and multi-skilled team with requisite expertise to conduct due diligence engagements which meets our client’s requirements through our quality due diligence reports that includes recommendations to make well-informed decisions for investment.

Business/Share or Debt Instrument Valuation

We understand that the valuation exercise is a complex phenomenon which requires analysis of various parameters from business, economic and financial perspective, therefore; we have developed a multi-industry experienced team who are experts in business/share or debt instrument valuation exercises.

Our valuation is based on existing circumstances of a business, its legal and economic environment and realistic assumptions of forecasted numbers, together with logical approach and relevant valuation methodologies that generates the intrinsic value of our client’s business/share or debt instruments.

We know the subjective nature of assumptions, hence we base our conclusions on detailed study of data from relevant industry and from extensive market research.

We also provide strategic advice on disinvestment decision through our analysis of the possibilities to heal the financially drained business operations by considering one or more of the below suitable actions:

  • Corporate restructuring
  • Business process re-engineering
  • Outsourcing or sub-contracting
  • Merger to gain benefit with business synergy
  • Management Buy-Out (MBO) of businessdivision/segment

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