Audit and Review

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Financial Statement Audit An independent Audit firm conducts audit of the financial statements of a company to express an opinion on those financial statements prepared by management of the company in accordance with a financial reporting framework.

Financial Statement Review An independent Audit firm conducts review of the financial statements of a company to express conclusion on financial statements/information in accordance with International Standards on Review Engagements (ISRE-2400 or ISRE-2410).

Review conclusion provides a lesser degree of assurance in contrast to an audit opinion, due to the fact that a practitioner does not conduct complete procedures that are required in audit.

Audit or review of financial information includes an audit or review of:

  1. Single financial statement: including profit and loss account, balance sheet, income and expenditure statement, cash flow statement, or
  2. Specific account, element, or item of financial statements: including inventory, procurement, sales, fixed assets, financing, descriptive or explanatory disclosures relevant to financial statement or an element or an item of the financial statements.

How we stand out to arrange Financial Statements or Information (External) Audit and Review

Our partners have plenty of an Audit experience on from Big Four, Top ten and leading regional Accounting Firms in various industries including manufacturing, trading, hospitality, fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), construction, transportation, sugar, textile, education, software development, insurance sectors and Non-profit/governmental organization (NPOs/NGOs).

Using leverage of our versatile experience from Big Four to local leading Accounting Firm in a wide array of industries and substantial number of Non-SME and SME companies, we have developed audit methodologies that suits our clients to perform risk based audits to ensure high-quality and efficient audits by our well-trained and experienced team of professional auditors.

We understand our client’s businesses to prepare a comprehensive audit plan audit and develop an audit strategy to identify the key business risks that enable us to put concentrated efforts, which in turn benefits our clients to achieve timely delivery of our audit deliverables based on international standards of auditing (ISAs).

Using self-developed latest tools & techniques and robust auditing procedures, we timely issue quality Audit Reports in liaison with leading audit firms in the market.

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