Accounting and Financial Reporting

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Book-keeping, Financial Reporting and Accounting Software Implementation Services

Professional team of accountants exercises below listed activities for a business:

  • Prepare and record sales & purchase invoices, inventory issuance, fixed assets detail, payroll cost, receivables & payables with their ageing, advances & prepayments, other expenses & income, cheques and all details of other assets, liabilities and partner’s/shareholder’s equity in accurate code of chart of accounts in accounting software.
  • Prepare workings/reconciliations for Tax Returns filing to Federal Tax Authority.
  • Combine or consolidate accounts of Group companies under common ownership to report Group’s management about combined financial status of a Group.
  • Prepare statements showing business position of assets/liabilities, profit/loss, cash flows and partners/shareholders current accounts at a specific time.
  • Prepare company’s budgets based on the past records and future forecasting & projections. Formulate a financial report as per the requirement of company’s management, that includes but is not limited to pricing, costing, financial analysis, budgeting, financing etc.
  • Prepare bank reconciliation to reconcile company’s bank book with bank statements. Prepare payroll files in a format prescribe by the WPS Agents to process monthly salaries.

Professional accounting supervisor generate reports for a company’s management to manage and analyse:

  • Receivables and Vendors
  • Supply Chain management
  • Inventory Management
  • Treasury
  • Staff record
  • Tax compliances

How we stand-out as Professional Accountants and Financial Reporters:

We are Chartered Accountants who possess skills, experience and technical knowledge in maintaining accounts and perform financial reporting based on the IFRS and the best international standards of accounting practices.

Clients obtain benefits from our experience and expert accounting and financial reporting skills and knowledge in good accounting governance, accurate financial analysis and business law compliances.

We translate business transactions into meaningful reports of financial analysis that provides our insights for easy understanding by business entrepreneurs, that assists them in making well-informed management decisions.

We understand the concept of managing businesses through accurate financial reporting and analysis; therefore, we prepare and report such financial information for the key management of our clients that keep them informed about their business position and risk.Such reports cover mainly the areas of working capital management, , liquidity position, cash management, financing requirements and other like matters.

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