Electricity Tariff Incentive Program

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Why ETIP launched in the UAE?

The program was launched to achieve the following objectives in industrial sector of Abu Dhabi:

  • Productivity improvement of manufacturing set-up.
  • Improvement of their impact on the country’s GDP.
  • Energy consumption efficiency enhancement.

Who Needs ETIP Certificate?

Manufacturing companies in Abu Dhabi, who wants to avail incentive on electricity tariffs are required to prepare and their ETIP score which is verified by the Certifying Bodies empaneled by Department of Economic Development (ADDED).

Salient Benefits to obtain ETIP Certificate

The significant increase in the electricity prices leads to the extra expenses on the operations of the manufacturing entities which impacts their business.

ETIP has enabled manufacturing entities in Abu Dhabi to save millions of dhirems on their electricity cost, which is the one of the foremost objectives of entrepreneurs to do a business in cost effective way.

How we stand out as an Expert ETIP Consultant

Our managing partner is experienced in enormous number of ETIP engagements in MNCs, PJSCs, and large-sized regional manufacturers from Big-Four Accounting Firms, right from the implementation of the ETIP Program by ADDED in mid-2019, hence we are an expert ETIP Consultants with requisite knowledge and confidence to deal with any requirement of our clients to arrange ETIP Certificate and prepare ETIP Score Improvement Plan in accordance with pertinent Guidelines.

In addition to our expert ETIP knowledge and experience, we create ease for our clients to obtain the ETIP Certificate by performing below :

  • We prepare ETIP template for our clients that ensure that all the ETIP score gaining areas are covered in the template to maximise score of our clients upto the level of their eligible score in accordance with the Guidelines.
  • To avoid unnecessary delays in obtaining ETIP Certificates, we ask for relevant information that have notable effect on the ETIP Score of our clients.
  • We make understand our clients about the determining factors that affect the ETIP score in respective business case.
  • We prepare ETIP files that ensure seamless approval of ETIP Certificate of our clients by the Certifying Bodies.

We have developed a specialised sub-service line in our firm who is well versed with all ETIP Score effecting parameters and hence we recommend score-improving measures to our clients that are achievable through business process re-engineering, which enable our clients to save millions on their electricity cost in each year.

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