ICV Program Implementation

ICV Program Implementation

ICV Program implementation involves the implantation of the score effecting parameters in an organisation's processes that enables the in-built achievement of optimal ICV score.


Phases of ICV Program Implementation

A. Implementation Phase

This phase is implemented in below three sub-phases:

This sub-phase covers below activities:

  1. Develop an ICV strategy that is aligned with the organization's strategy and ICV objectives.
  2. Assist in identifying your ICV team which should lead the ICV implementation.
  3. Setting project management office setup and project milestone.

This sub-phase is comprised of following activities:,

  1. Analyze supplier and spend information for the past 3 years and provide insight on Supplier and spend landscape – spend by supplier, spend by category.
  2. Give appropriate consideration to the finding in the ICV implementation.
  3. High-level benchmarking of the ICV Implementation approach and award strategies, along with pros and cons, with that of some of the other Participating Entities within UAE.
  4. Recommend award strategies in line with the ICV Program and implementation strategy which best suits you.

This final sub-phase accomplishes ICV Program Implementation with the performance of below activities:

  1. Based on the chosen award and implementation strategy, develop a detailed ICV Program implementation plan and timelines.
  2. Phasing and prioritization approach.
  3. Operating model
  4. Develop training material.
  5. Roles and responsibilities of various stakeholders and RACI matrix.
  6. Policies and procedures and process flow.
  7. Project risks and suggested mitigation plans.
  8. Communication plan (internal and external stakeholder).
  9. Reporting template and KPI's.
  10. Identify people/department dependencies within your organisation and respond to their queries.
  11. Knowledge transfer - train the internal and the external stakeholders.
  12. Detailed report encompassing, but not limited to:
    • Data analysis based on above activities.
    • Findings based on analysis.
    • Recommendations based on findings.
    • Any System modifications to support ICV implementation and reporting.
    • SME development strategy recommendation.

B. Post-implementation phase

Post-implementation phase includes the assignment of full-time seconded employee to address ICV related issues and clarifications from stakeholders and to monitor program'''s success.

Salient benefits of well-planned and devised ICV Program

Well planned and implanted ICV Program in an organisation's processes can:

  • Enable seem-less and smooth running of operations whilst ensuring the ICV score target remain indifferent.
  • Assist in-house stakeholders to take well informed and planned decisions, keeping in consideration the scoring dynamics.
  • Build expectations from personnel within an organisation to make them accountable.
  • Develop key performance indicators that can help to manage human resources by consequential rewarding or disciplinary actions.
  • Establish an environment of regular monitoring of ICV score that aids to avoid unwanted surprises by top management on ICV Score targets.