Business/Share Valuation

Business valuation provides market value of an entity's net worth/equity, which is required generally for below status purposes:

  1. Merger, acquisitions and disposals.
  2. Resolution of conflict among shareholders or joint venturer's by settling of respective share-holing.
  3. Ascertain the gap between book and market value, to determine intrinsic (real) value for Goodwill quantification of your business.
  4. Calculate the price of unquoted equity or debt instruments.
  5. Establish an impairment of non-current (fixed) assets.
  6. Decisions to make disinvestment or long-term investments in an enterprise.

Key considerations to determine value of business/share or debt instrument:

  1. Detailed analysis of an entity and its environment to determine associated business and financial risk.
  2. Determine Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) based on business analysis and identified risks.
  3. Ascertain cashflows to the extent possible to realistically estimate forecasted cash inflows and outflows and prepare financial projections based on the forecast.
  4. Selection of a relevant valuation model for accurate estimate of business and/or stare/debt instrument value.

How we stand out as Business and/or Share / Debt Instrument Valuer

We understand that the valuation exercise is a complex phenomenon which requires analysis of various parameters from business, financial and economic perspective, therefore; we have lined up a team of business/share or debt instrument valuation expert who possess multi-industry experience in valuation exercises.

Our valuation is based on current circumstances of business, its economic and legal environment and realistic assumptions of forecasted numbers, together with relevant valuation methodologies and logical approach that generates the intrinsic value of your business/share or debt instruments.

Because we know that the assumptions are quite subjective in nature, hence we base them on our detailed study of data from relevant industry and conclusions from extensive market research.

Our experts also provide strategic advice on disinvestment decision by analyzing over the possibility to heal the dead or financially drained business operations through below parameters:

  • Corporate restructuring
  • Business process re-engineering
  • Outsourcing or sub-contracting
  • Merger to gain benefit with business synergy
  • Management Buy-Out (MBO) of business division/segment


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